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Any sound financial plan will usually include some sort of life insurance.  If you do not qualify for a standard life insurance policy a burial plan will allow you to know that your loved ones will not be burdened with extra expenses once you pass away.  When people ask us questions about this type of preneed insurance there are some questions that frequently come up.  If you are a burial insurance expert and need to get quotes for your policy use our contact form on this page to get started.  If you are still looking for information on a burial plan keep reading and we will look at how a policy might benefit you.

What is Burial Insurance?

People who are planning for the future come across all types of preneed insurance.  A burial policy is designed to take care of the last expenses of your memorial service, burial or cremation, and any other expenses associated with your final expenses.  As we said above burial policy can have many different names so if you see someone calling it grave insurance, preneed insurance, or something else understand that they all fall into the same category.

Do I Need a Policy?

The rates are pretty affordable so it is a good idea for most people.  If you have sizable assets then you may choose to let your loved ones use your estate to pay for your final expenses.  Even then many people with large estates will choose to purchase a burial policy to make sure that they can keep their estate separate from the expense of their funeral.

Is it Like Term Life Insurance?

While it is a form of life insurance buriel insurance acts more like whole life insurance than a term life insurance policy.  Your account accrues a cash value over time and that cash value is what pays for your funeral.  There is a guaranteed cash value in case you happen to die suddenly.  Like any other preneed insurance or life insurance you have companies that specialize in this type of insurance.  Like most services that are purchased mostly by seniors AARP is one of the most well-known but there are many burial insurance companies out there and shopping them all will allow you to get the best rates.

Is it just for Seniors?

While most of the time it is seniors that are getting burial life insurance quotes, the truth is that anyone can get a burial policy.  The advantage to getting a policy at a younger age is that you can get much lower rates.  This is due to the amount of time you have to pay and the lower risk for the insurance company.  Many times someone who is younger can do better by purchasing a term life insurance policy which can include enough money to make sure that your funeral and all other potential expenses are taken care of.  If you are under 55 this may make a lot of sense for you and we will look at both a burial policy and a term life policy to see which one works best for you.  So if you are over 55 one of the prepaid burial plans or guaranteed issue life insurance may be your only options.

At BurialInsuranceQuotes.org we are dedicated to helping you get the absolute best rates for your needs.  We specialize in all forms of preneed insurance so whether it is a burial policy or a standard life insurance policy we can make the recommendation that is in your best interest.  As an independent agent we are not tied to any one insurance company so we are able to be unbiased and shop all the companies for the best possible rates.  If you have any question about burial insurance quotes or if there is any way we can serve you please let us know.